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Websites & e-shops

Our company designs and hosts websites for businesses, groups, and individuals. We have different webpackages that we offer, and they are designed to fit your needs. All our websites are designed from scratch.
If the customer wishes, we will also take a day when we come to visit your business to take photos and videos for your new website.


We create high quality e-shops with the platform shopify, a world leading e-commerce platform. Shopify is perfect for you whether you are an individual or if you need an e-shop as a part of your business.

Websites & e-shops

Photographing & Recording

We offer photographing & recording services with camera and drone. Within a wide range of different categories. Whatever you choose!

Photographing & recording


We also photograph things of your choice and make posters of it in different sizes.
House photographing with drone is a common thing we do.

Among our most important values are, reliability and the highest quality of our products.